01 January 2009

TOP 50 of 2008

This shouldn't even be a list. This is probably every song I have ever had on repeat throughout the year. It doesn't include the millions of pop songs I didn't hear, the bands who have yet to put out a release that has either leaked onto Soulseek, the blogs, or found its way into the WHPK record library. (Hey, I'm a college student, YOU buy me music.) I can already think of something I forgot...

THE 50 MOST TWEERIFIC SONGS OF 2008 as played on QWEE! on December 29, 2008:

50. The Lodger – "The Good Old Days" from Life is Sweet
49. Pelle Carlberg – "1983 (Pelle & Sebastian)" from The Lilac Time
48. Summer Cats – "Passion Pop" from Passion Pop
47. The Second Band – "No Song" from No Song single
46. The Airfields – "Yr So Wonderful" from Up All Night
45. Northern Portrait – "Crazy" from The Fallen Aristocracy EP
44. All Girl Summer Fun Band – "Oh No" from Looking Into It
43. Moofish Catfish – "Half My Size" from On A Sunbeam to Your Heart
42. Vampire Weekend – "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa" from S/T
41. Je Suis Animal – "The Mystery of Marie Roget" from Self Taught Magic From a Book
40. The Just Joans – "Hey Boy... You're Oh So Sensitive!" from Hey Boy... You're Oh So Sensitive! EP
39. Slow Down Tallahassee – "Never Be Lonely Again" from The Beautiful Light
38. The Radio Dept. – Freddie and the Trojan Horse from Freddie and the Trojan Horse single
37. Cloetta Paris – "Secret Eyes" from Secret Eyes
36. The Organ – "Fire in the Ocean" from Thieves EP
35. Liechtenstein – "Security By Design" from Apathy 7"
34. Tafra – "Why Do You Have To Be So Complicated Baby?" from Why Even Bother
33. Retro Stefson – "Luna" from Montaña
32. Sexy Kids – "Sisters Are Forever" from Sisters Are Forever 7"
31. No Kids – "I Love the Weekend" from Come Into My House
30. The Smittens – "The Interstate" from The Coolest Thing About Love
29. Little My – "All But the Beeps Meep" from Little My's Sixth
28. The Sound of Arrows – "Danger" from Danger EP
27. The LK – "The Private Life of a Cat" from The LK vs. the Snow
26. The Parallelograms – "Without You" from 1–2–3 Go!
25. Crystal Stilts – "Prismatic Room" from Alight of Night
24. The Social Services – "The Baltic Sea" from It's Nothing Personal, It's National Security
23. The Magnetic Fields – California Girls from Distortion
22. Parker Lewis – "Bash the Cynicals" from Parker Lewis
21. Air France – "No Excuses" from No Way Down
20. Strawberry Fair – "I Can't Do Anything" from I Can't Do Anything EP
19. Hari and Aino – "Gold (Or Something Just as Nice)" from Hari and Aino
18. The Legends – "Seconds Away" from Seconds Away single
17. The Carrots – "Beverly" from Beverly 7"
16. The Manhattan Love Suicides – "Never Far From You" from Burnt Out Landscapes
15. Love Is All – "Wishing Well" from A Hundred Things Keep Me Up at Night
14. Utah Rangers – "March"
13. Slow Club – "Summer Shakedown" from Let's Fall Back in Love EP
12. El Perro Del Mar – "Somebody's Baby" from From the Valley to the Stars
11. The School – "Let It Slip" from Let It Slip 7"
10. Cars Can Be Blue – "Sun Blows Up" from Doubly Unbeatable
9. Comet Gain – "Love Without Lies" from Broken Record Prayers
8. Erik Halldén – "If I Ever Get Married"
7. Those Dancing Days – "Home Sweet Home" from In Our Space Hero Suits
6. Lykke Li – "Little Bit" from Youth Novels
5. Strawberry Story – "Boys (From the Story)" from Sci-Fi Guy EP
4. Johan Hedberg – "Var Dig Själv" from 5 Spårs EP
3. Vivian Girls – "Where Do You Run To" from Vivian Girls
2. Hello Saferide – "Anna" from More Modern Short Stories from Hello Saferide
1. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – "Everything With You" from Everything With You 7"

There you have it.

I should note that there are very few of these songs not available on the internet. I would post links, but that would take days.

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Colour said...

Oh! I've been meaning to comment on this. I'm glad you posted your list. :-)

* I should give the Lodger another listen. I really wanted to like them - British jangly guitar pop; should be right up my alley - but they initially sounded like average radio pop to me. I have their first album, not the one with the song here.

* Pelle Carlberg - what a song! Delightful.

* The Airfields produced my favorite album of 2008. I don't know what is official but I really hope they don't go away. That is incredible talent right there.

* Northern Portrait are another band I'm so glad are around today. Gorgeous, elegant pop music. And they're from Copenhagen, a city I am obsessed with!

* That is one crackin' song from Je Suis Animal. I might pick 'Painted in My Face,' though as I like that sound a bit more and the sensuality of it. But the song you picked is so incredibly sassy so it's difficult to choose.

* The Just Joans song - 'Alright ladies, any of you's into Talulah Gosh?' - possibly one of the best opening lines of any song ever!

* 'California Girls' - I have such fond memories of seeing this song performed live and how Shirley faded her vocals out repeating the chorus. Wonderful.

* 'Sun Blows Up' - yes! Becky's got such a strong, clear voice and it suits 60s-style songs so well.