22 January 2009

skwbn - #4!!! new single!

There are few bands who better embody the spirit of Swedish pop better than Suburban Kids With Biblical Names. Their music combines a joyous mix of electronics, fun melodies, and maybe occasional tendencies toward the tropical. It's already been three years since the release of their only full-length, #3, but now we have been blessed with #4, set to be released on February 4th on Labrador. How did we ever survive? Well, luckily the duo had other projects in the meantime: Peter Gunnarson played with the wonderful Springfactory and Johan Hedberg released a great solo EP on Labrador.

Sadly, however, #4 is just an EP! Oh well, I guess having four songs is better than having none.

To celebrate this good news, I woke up this morning with an e-mail from Labrador gifting us all an early February 4: an MP3 of Suburban Kids' new single, "1999." I don't think it is anything radically different from classic SKWBN. A few more songs are also streaming on the band's Myspace, so make sure to have a listen.

Pre-order #4 now!

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - 1999

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