23 December 2008

komon - punk ep re-release

Komon - Give Me Speed

"Give me twee!" It's something I say every day, but hearing Lund, Sweden's Komon say it is so much more charming. I heard Komon a while ago with her free download from Cloudberry off of her Punk EP, but I have been searching for more songs ever since. Now that I've found them, I just can't take them off repeat. Fortunately for us who want even more, a ton of songs are streaming on her Myspace and on her Last.fm page.

Komon is Antonia Pehrson who started this solo project after purchasing an electric organ. Her music is a refreshing combination of witty lyrics, drum beats, organ and classic indie-pop melodies. I can understand the comparisons to Amelia Fletcher and like-minded twee-pop ladies, but who can resist the addition of sped-up drum machine beats and analog synth?

Her Myspace promises a new album soon, but she's just re-released the Punk EP with an extra song. You can order it by contacting her from her Myspace page.

Komon - I Made New Friends
Komon - Poetry for the Winter
(What would this post be without including her totally cute free holiday pop song download?)

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