10 December 2008

comet gain - collection of new songs, rarities, singles

Few jangle pop bands have been around for as long as Comet Gain, and few are able to pull of that line between London cool and noisy fuzzed-out guitars so well. More easily compared to jangle pop stalwarts like the Clientele, the Go-Betweens or other moody crooners, somehow Comet Gain goes beyond that standard definition and just makes some really great songs that defy that categorization. I think they remind me of Beat Happening in that way, switching off between male and female vocals, there is always a surprise mixed in somewhere.

That’s where Comet Gain’s new single, “Love Without Lies,” fits in—a little dark, super melodic, and really fun, it has all the makings of a great pop song. It is easily one of my favorite Comet Gain songs ever, and definitely one of my favorite singles of the year.

You can order the 7” from Twee as Fuck, or get the whole album of new songs, rarities, singles and B-sides called Broken Record Prayers from Milou Studios.

Comet Gain - Love Without Lies
Comet Gain - You Can't Hide Your Lover Forever

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Colour said...

That video was basically a promo ad for the Twee as Fuck club!!

Oh, and to avoid paying in pounds and paying international shipping, us Yanks should order the single from What's Your Rupture? :-)